What isASAIF?

ASAIF is a regional platform to facilitate knowledge, networking and learning about innovations and the management of ecosystems for entrepreneurship in the region, and brings together startups, enterprises, financiers, accelerators, multinationals, innovation hubs, government representatives, policy-makers, researchers, SAIS 2 implementing partners and donors. The ASAIF 2019 will take place on 19th September 2019 in Gaborone, Botswana, under the theme ‘The Future of Entrepreneurship’, with a programme line up of exhibitions, thought leadership presentations, panel discussions and networking. 

ASAIF 2019 will be organised in collaboration with Botswana Innovation Hub, the SAIS 2 Focal Point in Botswana and will run in parallel with Botswana Innovation Day. Botswana Innovation Day is a festival of inspiration, creation and innovation that brings together more than 250 stakeholders from civil society, business and academia, public sector and industry to celebrate innovation. Botswana Innovation Day also serves as a platform for showcasing national innovations and for dialogue on the critical elements that advance progress of the innovation and entrepreneurship agenda.

In partnership with
Botswana Innovation Hub
SAIS Network